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What my clients say..

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Ms Serine, Seller for HDB Executive Maisonette 

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Ms Jeslyn Tan for helping me sell my HDB flat and thereafter helping me find my new home.

I was at a loss as to how to start when I had intention to relocate. Jeslyn made it so simple and easy to understand. During our first meeting, she helped with my financial planning and explained clearly the current market trends and what to expect. 

Selling of my flat started promptly. The flow of potential buyers was adequate and my flat was sold within 2 weeks! I was impressed!

Applications to relative HDB procedures were well planned out and submitted. Updates were given periodically. That followed by the task of looking for my new home.


Jeslyn was very patient and took efforts to understand my needs and arranged various viewings for me. 

When I finally found my new home, timeline of selling, buying and moving was processed systematically and smoothly.

I am very pleased and satisfied with Jeslyn’s commitment and professionalism. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs advice on housing matters. Thank you Jeslyn! 

Best Regards, Serine

Jeslyn Tan 善于沟通,具体情况具体分析,帮助顾客确定买房房型,寻找价格合理,又符合心意的房子。她为人诚恳,脚踏实地,态度认真,工作积极进取,为了让顾客满意,会搜集一些资料,做足工作,比方说搜索房型,房产年龄,房子朝向,附近学校,交通情况,噪音程度等供顾客参考。选择重点房子户型,减少顾客的烦恼,同时也帮顾客节省时间。






Mr Lim, Landlord of Private condo

We engaged Jeslyn to rent our Natura@Hillview condo, with Jeslyn’s market strategies, we successfully rented it at a expected price , She advised us the way to make the unit more favorable to tenants. More importantly, her professional experience let us have an ideal tenant. 
We really appreciated her effort and excellent services. Highly recommend her services to all the owners.


Ms Emy, Buyer of HDB flat


“Jeslyn is a focus and accountability person. When I told her my requirements, within a short period she manage to source and found the suitable flat for me, thanks for her effectiveness.” 

Mdm Toh,HDB Seller

Jeslyn provided the professional and valuable advise to me during my search in purchasing a private property. She gave a detailed analysis on how I should dispose of my HDB flat and to own a private property within my means. She did a detailed comparison among a few properties based on my requirements and budgets and made a realistic recommendation. Really appreciate her service and advice.

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