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Hi, I am Jeslyn Tan,

Senior Marketing Director

Jeslyn is a certified real estate professional with more than 14 years of experiences. Jun 2017 to Oct 2021 with Orangetee & Tie Pte Ltd. Dec 2009 - Jun 2017 and Oct 2021 till now with Era Realty Network Pte Ltd

Helping clients achieve financial freedom and grow their assets has always been one of her goals. 

Jeslyn is dedicated with good experiences in HDB & Private Residential, New Condominium Sales, Commercial and Resale and Multiple Property investment, She always advises her client to make the RIGHT choice always. 

Her full commitment, experience and expertise have been incredibly added value to many of her clients. 

Besides working, I am a travel enthusiast. Having been to numerous countries, I believe that the world is my oyster and new adventures always excites me.


As a mother of 2, I strive to provide education and the most nutritious and delicious meals for my children. I believe that when the food is good, the children are happy. 

 Being a firm believer in lifelong learning and self improvement,  I am attending yoga classes to keep fit and healthy. Acquiring knowledge in the form of books helps keep my mind open to new knowledge and information.


ERA Achievers Group Top 50 Producers – 25th Position for the year 2012
ERA Preeminent Group Top Achievers  - 20th Position for 1st Quarter 2014
ERA Preeminent Group Top Achievers  - 90th Position for the Year 2016
OrangeTee Navis Living Group Top 69th Achiever 2017
OrangeTee Navis Living Group Top 93rd Achiever 2018

OrangeTee Top Achievers Award 19th Position September 2020
OrangeTee Top Achievers Award 44th Position 3rd Quarter 2020
OrangeTee Top 10% Achievers Award - 319 position for year 2020 
Far East Organization Top Agent Award

-Merit Position Residential & Commercial Sales for Mar-Dec 2021
ERA Top 20% of the year 2022
Preeminent Group Top 446th of the year of 2022
Preeminent Group Top Achiever award 95th Position for July 2022
Preeminent Group Top Achiever award 77th position November 2022
ERA Alex Lim Advisory Top Achiever - 82th Position Annual Award 2022

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