4 Crucial Teammates In The Property Game


  1. The Banker

Bankers are key players that will take you far in your property investment journey. This group of people are ready to provide your housing loans to complete your property purchase with little or no down payment in some cases. The ability to leverage on housing loans enables you achieve outstanding results with limited resources. Still think that buying property is expensive? Stop thinking and start working with your bankers.

  1. The Lawyer

Lawyers are like referees in a property game. One thing you got to understand is that, not all property games are the same. The game that you are playing will not be the same as mine, so as everyone else. Lawyers have the ability to alter certain terms and conditions to your advantage and protect you from foul plays. Do you agree that mistakes made in property investment can be costly? Isn’t it awesome to have a teammate who supports you to make sure you win the property game? There is no standard hard and fast rule that everyone has to follow when it comes to the property game.

  1. The Property Agent

Property agents are the core of the real estate business. They are the deal-makers. Having a property agent as your teammate will give you the upper hand over many other investors. Property agents usually specialize in a particular area. You will be amazed how much information they can provide before you make your property search and the best part is you don’t have to pay them for their service and information unless you intend to sell or rent out your property. When you purchase a great deal from them, chances are they will return with another great deal. Instead of you doing the digging, they are doing it on your behalf. How would you like that? Build rapport with these people if you plan to close a great deal over and over again.

  1. The Tenant

How many of you agree that even if you are flipping properties, it is wise to have tenants as well? Tenants are great teammates. They fund your property investments so that you don’t need to. If you are a creative investor, you could make them pay for your bills and expenses as well so that you don’t have to. Treat your tenant like how you treat your business. Build a relationship and listen to them. I would rather have the same tenant renting my property over and over again than to have a different tenant each year. How you manage your tenants determines how successful you will be as a property investor. Take care of your tenants and your tenants will look after you.

“Your network is your net worth.”


There is a saying that goes, “there are 2 sides of a coin”. A smart property investor is wise to recruit only the best of the best into their team. Not everyone is genuine and will go the distance for you. Don’t let a bad apple spoil the bunch. Start your recruiting reliable teammates and build your property empire today!

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